Look at this magic.


make way peasants



Concept art for The Fault in Our Stars (2014)


wow lamb tagged me in a taggity tinga thing

Rule#1 blabla always repost rules
rule no2 answer the questions did you know I’m rewriting this all by hand
Rule 3 tag 11 ppl
rule4 tell em u tagged their ass
rule 5 you MUST fist an elephant sorry I don’t make the fucking rules

1: favourite non-human, non-villain character and why
Obviously The Minister of Cats from the cat returns duh. Because damn, that cat us so suave. so dapper.

2:do you have anyone saved in yo contact list that isn’t listed under their name and what they saved as
this is long wow
okay my friend Aurelie is saved as Ostriche McDork; Gilliane as Girafe
Patrick as “pat or summin”
my cousin as Chouquette
my friend Kevin as Kekette (slang for schlong)
my friend malaïka as Why Me
my best bud Sasha as FuckFace McGee

3: what colour is your room and did yo decorate
my room has wooden slates on one wall and is white on the other, and I decorated with like 70 pictures and four posters

4: favourite sound
the clippity clop of the hooves of the mlp ponies

5: how many contacts in your phone have you never contacted?
just two. do I not count the one who called me by accident?

6: guilty pleasure book/film
tbh I don’t have any guilty pleasures I just watch what I want
okay tbh bobobobobobobo

7: weirdest thing that happened to you?
nothing really weird happened to me in my life tbh

8: what mysthical creature would you be?
A faerie hell yeah

9: what was the last thing that made you extremely happy to be alive and exist on this planet as a human in general?
laughing at swimmin’s blog nul

10: fave scent?
Jasmin and passion fruit!!!!

11: views on plants?
I what
like political view
should I think plant should run for president

tagging is lame and I’m lame

11 questions
1:have you ever fisted an elephant
2:how do u connect to memes on a spiritual level
3: have u ever astrally fisted someone
4: is ryan gosling our next moses
5: will patrick stump ever go back to being the sideburns messiah
6: why did my father leave me
7: are potatoes just sugar less sweet potatoes
8: why is life so suck
9: why does my cat hate me
10: is my life over
11: will mcr ever ever ever ever ever ever get back together




do people really still say me gusta


im pretty sure every single spanish speaking person does


I watched The Grudge 3 w/ my cousin and we laughed at it most of the time by pretending that Kayako was only trying to sell them peanut butter but no one wants it ):